Printify's AI Image Generator

What can do:

Printify's AI Image Generator, currently in beta, allows users to create unique designs for their products. The tool generates images based on user-provided prompts, with 15 free attempts available per day.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Printify's AI Image Generator:

  1. Start your own print-on-demand business!
  2. Ease of Use: The tool is user-friendly, requiring only a prompt to generate an image.
  3. Versatility: The AI Image Generator can be used to design a wide range of products.
  4. Efficiency: The tool saves time by generating professional-grade designs quickly.
  5. Free Attempts: Users have 15 free attempts per day to generate images.

Top 5 Use Cases of Printify's AI Image Generator:

  1. Product Design: Users can design unique products for their online stores.
  2. Brand Differentiation: Unique designs can help brands stand out in the market.
  3. Creative Exploration: Users can experiment with different prompts to create a variety of designs.
  4. Merchandising: Users can create custom merchandise for events, promotions, or brand awareness.
  5. Personal Use: Individuals can create custom designs for personal use or gift

Prompt type:

Generate image, Generate high-quality assets, Generate poster design, Create illustration


Printify's AI Image Generator is a design tool that creates unique product designs based on user prompts. It's user-friendly, versatile, and offers 15 free image generation attempts daily.

Origin: San Francisco, California

Denis Williams@denis_williams
20 min ago
The token limit is for the whole chat, including history (as far as I know). You could combine all the summaries, save them in a DB, and feed the smaller summaries back in ChatGPT. Not sure if that will yield great results though. Maybe GPT-4 will improve?
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Denis Williams@denis_williams
50 min ago
How to use ChatGPT to build Business Ideas, Sites & Personal Projects?
Adam Blob@adam_blob
3 min ago
@Denis_Williams Congrats on the launch! Very interesting approach to an ever growing problem. Use ChatGPT Tutorial - A Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners.
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