What can do:

Pixelcut is an AI Startup providing comprehensive photo editing services that are AI-powered. They make photo editing procedures achievable at a high level of efficiency and the precision of professional designers. Their services include a wide range of AI functions and APIs to make your photos outstanding. The virtual photo studio service allows users to create 10x more product photos independently, without requiring physical travel or hiring photographers.


  1. Background Remover: Removes the background of the images preserving the quality of the main object.
  2. Image Upscaler: Enhances the quality of the images without distorting the details.
  3. Magic Eraser: Erases unwanted elements from an image nicely and thoroughly.
  4. Recolor Image: AI-powered tool to adjust colors in the image to your preference.
  5. API Access: Provides API access opening a way for developers to integrate these services in their applications or platforms.

Use Cases

  1. Product Photography: In the case of e-commerce, remove the background of product images and create brand-consistent, professional-looking online catalog.
  2. Image Enhancement: Enhance the resolution of the images collected from various sources for better visual presentation.
  3. Magic Eraser: Remove unwanted objects or people from personal or professional images, helps to focus on the main subject of an image.
  4. Recolorizing Images: Helpful in rebranding efforts to establish new color schemes or refresh product images.
  5. Collaboration: Teams can collaborate on photo editing projects and share innovative projects, templates with each other, and more.

Pixelcut allows users to make existing photos more vibrant and attractive through their powerful, easy-to-use tools with AI enhancements. They also provide tools for batch editing and creating profile photos. Pixelcut is an ideal solution for personal photo editing, bloggers, retailers, ad agencies, and even auto dealerships, offering a cost-effective solution to creating impressive photos.

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Pixelcut is a free AI-powered photo editing platform providing tools for easy photo editing. It features background remover, magic eraser, image upscaler, and others. The site uses different types of cookies for functionality, analysis, advertisement, and other unspecified purposes.