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PimEyes is an AI startup that offers a face recognition search engine and reverse image search services. Their technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users find their pictures on the internet and protect their privacy. The services provided by PimEyes can be used to track down faces on the internet, reclaim image rights, and monitor online presence. PimEyes is known for its accurate facial recognition capabilities and has been featured in publications like The Washington Post, The New York Times, and BBC.

Key Features:

  1. Face Search Engine: PimEyes has developed a powerful face search engine that scours the internet to find pictures containing specific faces. This technology utilizes face recognition search technologies to perform reverse image searches.
  2. Reverse Image Search: With PimEyes, users can upload photos or take pictures with their device's camera to find out where those images are published online. This reverse image search feature helps users identify any copyright infringement and monitor their online presence.
  3. Copyright Infringement Audit: PimEyes serves as a valuable tool to audit copyright infringement. By searching for images containing specific faces, users can identify unauthorized usage of their images and take necessary actions to protect their image rights.
  4. Privacy Protection: PimEyes offers a PROtect plan that allows users to upload a photo and search for images containing their face. Subscribers can access the sources of the results, set alerts to monitor their online presence, and permanently erase unwanted photos from external websites, eliminating the problem of illegal image usage.
  5. Opt-Out Request: PimEyes provides the option for users to request the exclusion of their face from the search results. This feature allows individuals to hide their existing photos from being shown on the public search results page, providing a level of control over their online presence.

Use Cases:

  1. Personal Image Monitoring: Individuals can use PimEyes to search for their own images on the internet and monitor where they appear online. This helps protect their privacy and identity.
  2. Copyright Protection: PimEyes' reverse image search can be used by artists, photographers, and content creators to identify any unauthorized usage of their images and take necessary legal actions.
  3. Online Reputation Management: PimEyes can be utilized by individuals and businesses to monitor their online presence and identify any instances of image misuse or false representation.
  4. Brand Protection: Companies can use PimEyes to search for images containing their brand logos or trademarks, helping them identify any unauthorized usage and protect their brand reputation.
  5. Scammer Detection: PimEyes can assist in detecting scammers who use other people's images for fraudulent purposes. By performing reverse image searches, individuals can identify instances of identity theft and take appropriate measures to protect themselves.

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PimEyes is a face recognition search engine and reverse image search tool that helps you find your photos on the internet and protect your privacy. It offers various pricing plans and allows you to upload photos or take them with your device's camera.