OpenChat - AI customer support bots

What can do:

OpenChat is an AI startup that provides services to build AI chatbots for customer support. Their services include creating AI chatbots for various purposes, such as customer support for OpenChat itself, customer support for Ray-ban® sunglasses, personal bots for Hackernews, and more. OpenChat aims to solve 30-70% of customers' issues and questions instantly, and if the AI cannot find an answer, it can escalate the query to a human support agent. The use of OpenChat's AI chatbots can lead to higher conversion rates, more clarity in customer interactions, and faster issue resolution. OpenChat also offers integration with over 5000 popular apps and is an open-source project trusted by thousands of users worldwide.


  1. Create AI chatbots for various purposes
  2. Instantly solve 30-70% of customer issues and questions
  3. Human-assist feature for more complex queries
  4. Integration with over 5000 popular apps
  5. Open-source and trusted by thousands of users worldwide

Use Cases:

  1. OpenChat itself uses a chatbot for customer support.
  2. Ray-ban® sunglasses utilizes an AI chatbot for customer support with a human-assist feature.
  3. Hackernews employs a personal bot that keeps re-training itself on the latest content and helps solve 30-70% of customer issues.
  4. OpenChat's AI chatbots can be used as a product pilot for other products, offering instant support and enhancing the user experience.
  5. Users who require a human touch can easily escalate their queries to an actual human support agent.

Prompt type:

Answers to questions, Create AI chatbot


OpenChat is an open source AI chatbot platform for customer support. It can solve 30-70% of customer issues and integrates with over 5000 popular apps. The bot can be easily set up and can provide a human touch when necessary.