OBSBOT - AI-Powered PTZ Streaming Camera


What can do:

The OBSBOT Tail Air is an AI-powered PTZ streaming camera that can be used in a variety of scenarios. With OBSBOT's supported AI algorithms, your livestream experience can be significantly improved.


  1. KI-Auto-Tracking: The OBSBOT Tail Air has exceptional AI capabilities to track people, pets, and objects at a speed of 120°/s.
  2. KI-Director Grids: This feature divides the recorded video into real-time grids, allowing you to quickly and accurately evaluate your livestreams.
  3. Gesture Control 2.0: Effortlessly manage your OBSBOT Tail Air device with intuitive gestures for seamless and precise zoom adjustments.
  4. Multiple Connections Support: The OBSBOT Tail Air offers multiple interfaces for connection, providing more possibilities for your livestream workflow.
  5. Excellent Livestream Video Performance: The OBSBOT Tail Air boasts a brand-new camera system with super-clear optical technology and lens combination for exceptional clarity and amazing visuals.

Use Cases

  1. Content Creation: The OBSBOT Tail Air can be used to create engaging content for livestreaming, live shows, interviews, and religious events.
  2. Multicam Setup: With its AI capabilities, the OBSBOT Tail Air is perfect for setting up a multicam livestreaming setup to capture every dynamic moment.
  3. Enhanced Livestream Experience: The KI-Auto-Tracking, KI-Director Grids, and Gesture Control 2.0 features of the OBSBOT Tail Air offer an unparalleled livestream experience.
  4. Improved Tracking Performance: The OBSBOT Tail Air excels in tracking people, animals, and objects, ensuring stable tracking even in high-speed or obstacle-ridden scenarios.
  5. Seamless Connectivity: With support for NDI|HX3 and multiple connections, the OBSBOT Tail Air enables seamless connectivity and integration into existing livestream solutions.

This AI startup is revolutionizing livestreaming with its OBSBOT Tail Air camera, providing exceptional AI-powered features and an enhanced livestream experience.

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The OBSBOT Tail Air is an AI-powered PTZ streaming camera with exceptional tracking capabilities and advanced AI features. It offers a seamless livestreaming experience with high-quality video performance, adjustable parameters, and various accessories for enhancing your streaming experience.