Notion AI - Access the limitless power of AI, right inside Notion

What can do:

Notion AI is a feature within the Notion platform that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance productivity. It automates tedious tasks, improves writing, and aids in brainstorming. It can summarize notes, generate next steps from meeting notes, fix spelling and grammar, translate text, edit voice and tone, and even help overcome writer's block.

Top 5 benefits for Notion AI customers:

  1. Efficiency: Notion AI automates tasks, allowing users to work faster and focus on more important tasks.
  2. Writing Improvement: It offers features to enhance writing, including spelling and grammar checks, translation, and voice and tone editing.
  3. Creativity Boost: Notion AI can help overcome writer's block and augment creativity by assisting in the writing process.
  4. Cost-Effective: Compared to other AI tools, Notion AI offers a more affordable solution with a wider range of features.
  5. Integration: Notion AI is integrated within the Notion platform, providing a seamless experience for existing Notion users.

Use cases for Notion AI are ideal for:

  • Content Creators: For improving writing quality and brainstorming content ideas.
  • Project Managers: For analyzing meeting notes and generating next steps.
  • Students and Educators: For summarizing notes and translating text.
  • Business Professionals: For enhancing communication with improved writing.
  • Non-English Speakers: For translating text into multiple languages.


Notion AI enhances productivity by automating tasks, improving writing, and aiding brainstorming. It's cost-effective, integrated within Notion, and ideal for content creators, project managers, and educators.