NotebookLM by Google

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NotebookLM is a new AI-powered notebook web application launched by Google. It's designed to enhance the note-taking experience by using powerful language models to automatically organize, summarize, and assist users in researching the topics they are writing about.

Unlike traditional AI chatbots, NotebookLM allows users to "ground" the language model in their notes and sources, creating a personalized AI assistant that's well-versed in the specific information relevant to the user's project. This means that the AI can be trained on your own documents, ensuring more personalized and relevant responses.

When you upload a document, such as a Google Doc, to NotebookLM, it automatically generates a summary of the document and provides you with key topics and questions to help you better understand the material. You can also ask NotebookLM questions about the uploaded documents, and it will generate a glossary of key terms, a summary of specific aspects of the document, and more.

For example, if you upload a pitch deck, you can ask NotebookLM to generate potential questions for investors. If you're a content creator, you can share video ideas and ask it to create a script for your video.

One unique feature of NotebookLM is its automatic citation of sources when adding information to users' notes. This function ensures the accuracy and quality of suggestions, granting users greater control over their content creation process.

Currently, NotebookLM is being tested with a small group of users in the US, but it's expected to support additional formats in the future. It's particularly useful for college students, writers, and analysts who frequently work with extensive document collections, as it can quickly access and analyze information from documents, significantly benefiting tasks such as research, article writing, earnings call analysis, and case review.

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NotebookLM is an AI-powered notebook that allows users to access trusted information. It is currently available in the U.S. only. Join the waitlist to try it out.