My AskAI

What can do:

My AskAI is an AI-powered chatbot for customer support, designed to increase efficiency and save time for businesses. It integrates with existing customer support tools without necessitating changes to current processes. Using AI technology, the chatbot can answer customer enquiries instantly, reducing support tickets and waiting times for customers. It's easy to set up, affordable, and adapts to the company's existing live chat tools and processes.

Key Features

  1. Automated Learning and Answers: The AI chatbot can extract information from the company's website and documents to respond to user questions in real time.
  2. AI and Human Handover: If the chatbot cannot answer a query, it hands over to a human agent. Integration with Email and other major live chat providers is supported.
  3. Insight Extraction: The chatbot automatically groups and extracts issues, bugs and feature requests from customer conversations, alerting the team about actionable insights.
  4. AI Email Assistant: The AI email assistant automatically replies to customer support emails, enhancing efficiency and customer service.
  5. GDPR compliant and Data Protection: All customer data is stored with bank-grade encryption and never used to train AI models.

Key Use Cases

  1. Efficient Response to Customer Queries: The AI chatbot can learn from the company's website and documents, providing instant answers to user questions 24/7.
  2. Seamless Customer Support Transition: When the AI chatbot cannot answer a query, it integrates with major live chat providers for a seamless handover to a human agent, saving time and avoiding repetition.
  3. Email Response: The AI Email Assistant can automatically reply to customer support emails.
  4. Customer Insight Analysis: My AskAI can extract valuable insights from customer support conversations, categorize them, and alert the team for actionable insights.
  5. Internal Use: Beyond customer support, the AI chatbot can also access internal company documents, integrate with work apps, and improve team productivity.

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My AskAI offers an affordable AI customer support chatbot that integrates seamlessly with existing live chat platforms. This AI tool learns from a company's websites and documentation to provide users with fast, verified responses.

Origin: London