What can do:

MyMap.AI is an innovative AI Startup that specializes in streamlining the journey of an idea, from its creation to organization and sharing. The start-up achieves this using an AI-powered chat interface. This AI co-pilot enables effortless and seamless idea mapping, by allowing users to record, organize and share their ideas freely.


  1. Creation of Ideas: The AI helps in generating and developing new ideas.
  2. Organization of Ideas: It helps in arranging and structuring these ideas in a meaningful and effective way.
  3. Sharing of Ideas: The platform facilitates easy sharing of these ideas.
  4. AI-Powered Chat Interface: The use of AI enhances the user experience, allowing easy interaction with the platform.
  5. Multilingual Support: The platform supports various languages, facilitating global usage.

Use Cases

  1. Business Planning: MyMap.AI can be instrumental in ideation for business strategies, plans, and proposals.
  2. Project Management: It can be an efficient tool for project planning and execution.
  3. Academic Research: Students and researchers can leverage the platform to create and organize their research ideas effectively.
  4. Content Creation: Content creators, like bloggers or writers, can use this tool for developing and organizing their content ideas.
  5. Team Collaboration: The sharing feature allows for effective collaboration of ideas among team members in a project or strategy planning.

Prompt type:

Create presentation, Generate visual representations of data, Create mind maps, Generate idea, Content Creation, Mind Map Generation

Media Type:


MyMap.AI offers a platform to map out ideas with an AI Copilot, facilitating idea creation, organization, and sharing through an AI-powered chat interface. The platform supports multiple languages and is free to start.