What can do:

Musho is an AI-powered design assistant, specializing in transforming simple prompts into professional and gorgeous designs. This tool is especially integrated with Figma, offering users an efficient and highly creative approach to design. The startup positions itself as an entity that takes care of UI details while you focus on larger creative direction.

Key Features

  1. Website Creation: With a simple prompt, Musho can help create beautiful landing pages.
  2. Style Consistency: The AI provides on-brand and consistent designs with every iteration.
  3. Large Image Database: Musho provides access to over 20,000 AI-generated images made by global creators.
  4. Social Media Content Generator: This tool streamlines content creation with its AI-driven social media post generator.
  5. Editable Design: The AI allows easy customization of designs, encouraging creativity.

Use Cases

  1. Faster Design Process: Musho virtually speeds up the design process by getting the design 80% ready, allowing designers to concentrate on the final details.
  2. Effective Presentation Creation: The AI uses its capabilities to create convincing presentations and pitches in seconds, useful for businesses and marketers.
  3. Revamping Existing Designs: The "Remix" feature allows users to iterate their generations until they get something they love, enabling design versatility.
  4. Enhanced Productivity: As testified by users, Musho allows designers to spend less time on initial designs and more on business development, thus enhancing their productivity.
  5. Simplifying Complex Tasks: Tasks such as layouts, typography, and spacing are made more straightforward, leaving more room for creativity. This simplifies the traditionally time-consuming process of design and layout formation.

Prompt type:

Design website, UI/UX Design


Musho is an AI-based design assistant that integrates with Figma, delivering up to 80% of a design based on a simple prompt. This allows designers to focus on the finishing touches. The platform offers vast customization options and has a rich database of AI-generated images.