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MultiOn is a startup that offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions designed to automate various tasks via the web for end users. Their key product, known as the Agent app, is built leveraging their Agent API and plans, organizes and books gatherings on behalf of the user, allowing them to concentrate on personal interaction.

Key Features of MultiOn AI

  1. AI-Based Automation: MultiOn employs AI agents to assist users by performing various tasks on the web.
  2. Agent API: MultiOn provides an API for creating and embedding AI agents within your applications.
  3. Task Execution: The AI agents are able to perform tasks, such as planning and booking gatherings.
  4. Integration: MultiOn's Agent API can be incorporated into different electronic systems enhancing their capabilities.
  5. Scalability: The technologies provided by MultiOn can be utilized in a variety of devices and applications, making them scalable.

Use Cases of MultiOn AI

  1. Integrating AI: Developers can make use of Agent API to embed AI functionalities directly into their applications for intelligent task-handling.
  2. Automated Planning: Users can leverage MultiOn’s Agent app to automate the planning and arrangement of their gatherings or meetups.
  3. Task Delegation: Businesses and individuals can delegate repetitive web-based tasks to AI agents, enabling them to focus more on their primary responsibilities.
  4. Personal Assistant: Users can use the AI to serve as a digital personal assistant, automating personal tasks and managing time effectively.
  5. Web-Based Applications: MultiOn can be integrated in web applications to enhance their features with AI capabilities, resulting in a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

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Automate repetitive tasks, Automate work processes, Enhance productivity, Task Management

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MultiOn AI introduces an app, "Agent," built with the Agent API. The app plans and books gatherings for users, allowing them to focus on socializing. The Agent API lets you build and embed AI agents to accomplish tasks on the web.

Origin: Palo Alto, California