Mofi - Find perfect loops and shorten or lengthen a song seamlessly

What can do:

Mofi is an AI startup that offers services to find perfect loops and seamlessly shorten or lengthen songs. Their goal is to provide content-aware fill and trim capabilities for music. Mofi offers both free and optional paid features and does not require any downloads.


  1. Perfect Length: Mofi allows users to shorten or lengthen a song to match a video or performance, while maintaining the song's vibe with seamless transitions and without cutting off the ending too early.
  2. Seamless Removal: Users can choose specific parts of a song to remove, and Mofi fills the gaps seamlessly. This feature is similar to content-aware fill for audio.
  3. On Repeat: Using Mofi, users can create infinite versions of their favorite parts of a song by selecting a catchy section and exporting it as a perfect loop that repeats seamlessly.
  4. Import: Users can import local files or paste links to start editing their songs on Mofi.
  5. Free without Downloads: Mofi enables users to shorten or lengthen songs online for free without the need to install or download any additional apps or programs.

Use Cases

  1. Shortening a Song for a Video: Users can submit a song to Mofi, enter the desired duration, and choose from multiple results that match the requested length. This feature is useful for aligning a song with a pre-edited video.
  2. Lengthening a Song Seamlessly: With Mofi, users can select a song, specify the desired new length, and export an extended version that flows seamlessly. This feature helps create longer versions of songs while maintaining a natural transition.
  3. Finding Perfect Loops for Song Edits: Mofi analyzes uploaded songs and provides a list of perfect loops. Users can select and download a loop as background music for videos or editing purposes.
  4. Seamless Removal of Song Parts: Mofi allows users to remove undesired parts of a song without creating jarring cuts. By selecting the sections to remove, the algorithm ensures a natural and seamless transition.
  5. Creating Perfectly Looping Versions for TikTok: Users can upload a song to Mofi, select the desired section to loop, choose a result with the loop icon, and export the loop. This feature is especially useful for creating perfectly looping versions of songs for TikTok videos.

Prompt type:

Text to audio, Text to speech


Mofi is an online tool that allows users to find perfect loops and shorten or lengthen songs seamlessly. It is free to use, with optional paid features. Users can also remove parts of a song seamlessly and create infinite loops of their favorite parts.