What can do:

Moby is an AI-powered startup offering an innovative Options Protocol designed to maximize liquidity in trading. It introduces cutting-edge features to enhance trading experiences for Whales, emphasizing narrow spread and high leverage while ensuring capital efficiency and risk management.

Key Features:

  1. More than 1,000x leverage without liquidation: Moby provides traders with unprecedented leverage capabilities without the risk of liquidation, offering a secure and flexible trading environment.
  2. Accurate options pricing based on real-time IV and Futures data: Leveraging real-time data, Moby ensures precise options pricing, enhancing transparency and trust among traders.
  3. Dynamic risk premium based on LPs’ real-time Greeks risk: By incorporating LPs' real-time risk metrics, Moby offers a narrow spread to optimize trading costs and improve profitability.
  4. Tokenized options positions for integration with DeFi, RWA, and structured products: Moby's platform supports tokenization, enabling seamless integration with other DeFi protocols, Real World Assets (RWA), and structured financial products.
  5. TradFi style infra (Prime Brokerage, Clearing House) for enhanced capital efficiency: Moby integrates traditional finance infrastructure elements like Prime Brokerage and Clearing House mechanisms to boost capital efficiency and risk management.

Use Cases:

  1. High-leverage trading without liquidation risk: Traders can engage in high-leverage trading exceeding 1,000x without worrying about liquidation, enabling aggressive strategies with limited downside.
  2. Real-time options pricing: Moby's accurate options pricing based on real-time Implied Volatility (IV) and Futures data empowers traders with transparent and fair pricing information.
  3. Optimized risk management with narrow spreads: LPs benefit from Moby's dynamic risk premium, ensuring narrow spreads that enhance trading efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Tokenization for DeFi integration: Traders can tokenize their options positions, facilitating integration with various DeFi protocols, unlocking opportunities for yield farming and liquidity provision.
  5. Traditional finance integration for enhanced capital efficiency: Moby's TradFi-style infrastructure not only attracts institutional traders but also enhances capital efficiency through mechanisms like Prime Brokerage and Clearing House functions.

By offering advanced features, precise pricing, and seamless integration with DeFi and traditional finance, Moby emerges as a groundbreaking solution in the options trading landscape, catering to the diverse needs of traders while prioritizing liquidity, security, and innovation.

Prompt type:

Optimise Ad, Data Collection and Analysis


Moby is an AI platform revolutionizing business insights with its advanced capabilities. It offers data processing, first-party data collection, predictive AI, and precise LLM in ecommerce, empowering users with instant access to unique insights and solutions.

Origin: Columbus, Ohio