Metaforms AI

What can do:

Metaforms AI is a disruptive artificial intelligence (AI) startup that features advanced AI forms for feedback, surveys, and research purposes. The platform aims to improve the user experience by using AI-driven acknowledgements and contextual framing of questions, offering an 85% quicker setup time, boasting a 30% higher completion rate, and yielding 42% net new data points. The system adaptively asks follow-up questions based on prior responses, helping businesses gain more insights about user behaviour, interests, and preferences. Metaforms AI is useful for a variety of professionals, including customer experience managers, product managers, founders, people managers, course managers, and marketing managers.

Features of Metaforms AI

  1. 85% Quicker Setup Time: The system automates creating conditions, logics, and branching, making the process of form creation much quicker.
  2. 30% Higher Completion Rate: Metaforms improves the completion rate of forms by using AI-driven acknowledgements and personalised questions.
  3. 42% Net New Data Points: The platform uses adaptive AI for follow-up questions, providing more insights about user behavior and preferences.
  4. Conversational Tone with Dynamic Responses: The service improves user experience by making forms more engaging.
  5. AI Follow Ups: Metaforms generates new insights by asking follow-up questions based on previous responses of users in a cohort.

Use Cases of Metaforms AI

  1. Customer Feedback: Metaforms can be used by CX managers to collect customer feedback and understand if their customers are satisfied with their services.
  2. User Priority Identification: Product managers can utilise Metaforms to identify the main priorities and needs of their users.
  3. Pricing Decisions: Founders can use Metaforms to gather user opinions on pricing options and make data-informed decisions.
  4. Employee Feedback: People managers can use Metaforms to understand what's working (and what's not) for their employees.
  5. Course Evaluation: Course managers can use Metaforms to gather feedback from learners and assess the utility of their courses.

Overall, Metaforms AI is seen as a powerful tool for a multitude of user research and feedback functions across different business fields.

Prompt type:

Data Collection and Analysis


Metaforms AI, Typeform's AI successor, offers adaptive, personalized forms for feedback, surveys, and research. Users can set up forms 85% quicker without wasting time setting up conditions and logic.

Origin: San Francisco, California