MetaHuman - AI Avatar Creator by Unreal Engine

What can do:

MetaHuman is a complete framework that allows users to create, animate, and utilize highly realistic digital human characters in Unreal Engine projects. With MetaHuman Creator, users can quickly and intuitively create photorealistic digital humans, fully rigged and ready to use. The framework also includes MetaHuman Animator, which enables users to reproduce facial performances as high-fidelity animation on any MetaHuman character.


  1. Varied and realistic characters: MetaHuman presets are based on real people scans, allowing users to easily create realistic digital humans with a wide range of features such as facial features, skin complexions, hair, eyes, clothes, and more.
  2. Easy and fun: Creating and refining characters is made simple with MetaHuman Creator. Users can start with a preset character, blend it with others, and use built-in tools to customize the character. It also supports the use of custom meshes to create unique MetaHumans.
  3. Use a custom mesh: The MetaHuman Plugin for Unreal Engine includes Mesh to MetaHuman, which allows users to turn their custom facial mesh into a fully rigged MetaHuman. Users can further refine the character in MetaHuman Creator.
  4. Effortless facial animation: MetaHuman Animator enables users to bring realistic facial animation to their MetaHumans quickly. It supports iPhone devices and head-mounted cameras for capturing facial performances accurately.
  5. Creative time unlocked: MetaHuman provides a digital human pipeline that can seamlessly integrate into existing workflows. The ability to create MetaHumans in minutes saves time and allows for easy export to DCCs like Maya for further customization.

Use Cases

  1. Games: Developers can use MetaHuman to create lifelike characters in games, enhancing the immersion and realism of the gaming experience.
  2. Film & television: MetaHuman can be utilized in the film and television industry to create realistic digital actors, reducing the need for physical actors in certain scenes or for special effects.
  3. Architecture: Architects and designers can use MetaHuman to populate virtual environments with realistic human characters, allowing clients to visualize spaces on a more relatable level.
  4. Animation: MetaHuman can be used in animation projects to easily create and animate digital human characters, saving time and effort in the character creation process.
  5. Virtual production: MetaHuman's high-fidelity digital humans are suitable for virtual production, where real-time rendering and interaction with virtual environments are essential for creating immersive experiences.

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Create AI avatar


AI Avatar


Unreal Engine offers a range of products and solutions for creating realistic 3D visuals and immersive experiences. One of their products, MetaHuman, is a framework that allows users to create high-fidelity digital human characters in minutes.