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Meshy is an avant-garde AI startup that empowers content creators. It focuses on 3D modeling, offering innovative tools to turn plain text and images into detailed and textured 3D models within minutes, no prior 3D modeling experience necessary.

Key Features

  1. Text to 3D: This feature allows creators to generate 3D models using simple text input.
  2. Image to 3D: Transform desired object images into stunning 3D models within a minute with Meshy's AI.
  3. AI Texturing: Artists can automatize the texturing of 3D models using text prompts, completing the process in less than a minute.
  4. Multilingual Support: This feature enables creators to write their prompt directly in their native language.
  5. API Integration: Meshy's 3D GenAI can be incorporated into existing apps, further promoting creativity.

Use Cases

  1. Quick 3D Modeling: Creators with no prior 3D experience can quickly generate 3D models using meshy's text to 3D tool.
  2. Image-to-3D Transformation: By simply providing an image, users can get a detailed 3D model in under a minute.
  3. AI-assisted Texturing: Artists can create text prompts to automate texturing work, saving time.
  4. Adaptable Application: Users from around the globe can use Meshy effectively with its multilingual support.
  5. API Concatenation: Developers can enhance their apps by incorporating Meshy's 3D GenAI into their existing code.

Meshy prides itself on being fast, user-friendly, and exceptionally detailed, catering to various art styles and workflow needs. It allows for exports in different 3D model formats and provides seamless integration with industry standards, making it an essential tool for modern artists and developers.

Prompt type:

Image to 3D, Text to 3D


3D Generators

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Meshy is a 3D AI generator that enables content creators to transform text and images into 3D models in less than a minute. The platform is equipped with two main tools: "Text to 3D" and "Image to 3D".

Origin: San Jose, California