Mem - Your AI knowledge assistant

What can do:

Mem is a personalized AI knowledge assistant that allows users to save and organize their knowledge. It offers several features such as quick capture, calendar integration, email sync, total recall, and knowledge creation. With Mem, users can import old notes, sync their email and calendar, save links and websites, and centralize their knowledge. Mem understands and saves what users tell it, helping them connect, organize, and remember important things in their life. It also offers additional features like serendipitous discovery of past ideas, smart search, smart write, and smart edit. Mem's AI provides context-aware assistance, understanding users' understanding of the world.


  1. Quick capture: Save notes, links, tweets, and more with ease.
  2. Calendar integration: Keep track of your day and create notes directly linked to your calendar.
  3. Email sync: See emails side-by-side with notes and contacts. Stay updated with email auto-summarization.
  4. Total Recall: Utilize AI-powered smart search or ask Mem a question to easily retrieve information.
  5. Knowledge Creation: Remix or produce written content from scratch combining your voice with powerful AI.

Use Cases:

  1. Importing and organizing scattered knowledge from various sources.
  2. Keeping track of important events and tasks through calendar integration.
  3. Managing emails and contacts efficiently with email sync.
  4. Quickly retrieving information through AI-powered smart search and questioning Mem.
  5. Creating written content with the help of AI, combining personal voice and powerful capabilities.

Prompt type:

Write letter, Create social media post, Write article, Write blog post, Manage emails


Mem is an AI knowledge assistant that helps you organize and centralize your knowledge. It can import old notes, sync your email and calendar, and save links and websites. Mem understands and saves what you tell it, helping you connect, organize, and remember important things in your life.

Origin: Los Altos Hills, California 94022, US