Map This

What can do:

Map This is an innovative AI startup that provides a unique service. It allows users to transform their PDFs and notes into mind maps. The service aims to enhance information retention and sharing, making it a useful tool for a range of individuals including students, educators, lawyers, nurses, advisors, and executives. The platform offers freedom in adding data, providing the options of uploading a PDF, pasting notes, or using an AI prompt. Once the data is presented, the app generates a mind map. Users can then decide whether to save the mind map for later use or share it with friends or colleagues.


  1. Transformation of PDFs and notes: The ability to convert PDFs or written notes into comprehensive mind maps.
  2. AI-Prompt: The platform also provides an AI prompt for creating mind maps.
  3. Mind Map Generation: Automatically generates visually appealing mind maps from the provided data.
  4. Save or Share: The option to save mind maps for later use or share them with others.
  5. Wide user base: The program is trusted and used by a wide array of professionals.

Use Cases

  1. A student can convert lecture notes in a PDF form to a mind map for better visualization and study.
  2. An educator can generate a mind map from a lesson plan to present to students in a more engaging way.
  3. Lawyers can utilize this service to summarize complex legal cases in a single mind map.
  4. Nurses can use the tool to consolidate patient information and offer smoother communication to doctors.
  5. Executives can turn their business strategies or project plans into mind maps to share with their team members.

Prompt type:

Analyse data, Analysis, Enhance productivity, Research and analysis

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"Map This" offers a service that converts PDFs and notes into Mind Maps, facilitating knowledge retention and sharing. Requiring no credit card, the tool allows users to upload a PDF or notes, generates a mind map from the data, and provides options to save or share it.