Magnific AI

What can do:

Magnific AI

Magnific AI is a transformative AI-based Startup that specialises in image upscaling and enhancement. Their services utilise the most advanced AI technology to upscale images to an insanely high resolution, and not only enhances and transforms images but also provides options to add or "hallucinate" additional details as per user's prompt and chosen parameters.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative AI tech to upscale images to incredibly high resolutions
  2. Provides tools to guide the AI upscale process with natural language prompt
  3. A "Creativity" slider which allows users to control the level of detail generation or "hallucinations"
  4. A user friendly and intuitive interface suitable for all levels of users from beginners to professionals
  5. Magnific offers various pricing plans including Pro, Premium, and Business

Use Cases:

  1. It can be used to enhance personal and professional photos
  2. Graphic artists and designers can use these services to achieve higher resolution of their designs
  3. This technology is perfect for businesses that need high-quality images for their marketing materials
  4. Digital artists and illustrators can upscale their creations to a new level of detail and resolution
  5. Interior Designers and Architects can use these services to upscale and enhance their design images.

Magnific AI's algorithm is powered by Generative AI, making it indistinguishable from magic as it can achieve new levels of resolution and detail in AI generations, photos, and illustrations of all genres.

Prompt type:

Generate image, Create illustration, Upscale Image, Image Creation, AI Image Magic


Magnific AI is an advanced tool that can upscale and enhance images by adding details as per user's parameters. It is useful for creators in photography, graphic design, digital art, and illustration. This service was built by entrepreneurs, Javi Lopez and Emilio Nicolas. It offers monthly subscription plans starting from $39. It assures payment security. However, refunds are not possible due to the expenses related to the AI-driven upscaling process.