Magician - AI-powered design tool for Figma

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Magician for Figma is a startup that offers a magical design tool powered by AI. With Magician, designers can access various features and services that enhance their creativity and productivity. The AI-powered tool can generate unique icons from text, assist with copywriting, and even generate images from text. Magician also offers automation capabilities, prototyping with code, and smarter design tools. It is used by designers on various teams and is available in both free and paid versions.


  1. Text to Icon: Transform text into unique icons using AI.
  2. Copywriting: Access AI-powered copywriting tools to improve your design.
  3. Text to Image: Generate images from text with the help of artificial intelligence.
  4. Magic Icon: A feature that assists in creating icons with a touch of magic.
  5. Magic Copy: Utilize AI-generated copy to enhance your design.

Use Cases

  1. Designers can use Magician's Text to Icon feature to quickly generate unique icons for their designs, saving time and effort.
  2. The Copywriting tool offered by Magician can assist designers in creating compelling and engaging text content for their designs.
  3. With Magician's Text to Image feature, designers can easily generate relevant images from text, improving the overall visual appeal of their designs.
  4. The Magic Icon feature allows designers to add an element of uniqueness and creativity to their icon designs.
  5. Magician's Magic Copy feature offers AI-generated copy that can be used to enhance the design and improve the overall messaging.

Magician for Figma is a powerful AI-powered design tool that offers a range of features and services to enhance creativity and productivity. Its integration with Figma makes it convenient for designers to access and utilize these capabilities. Whether it's generating icons, improving copywriting, or creating images from text, Magician provides designers with a magical experience to elevate their design work.

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Magician for Figma is a magical design tool powered by AI. It offers features such as text to icon, copywriting, and text to image, among others. It works alongside designers to expand creativity and imagination. The tool is available for free during the public beta phase, with plans for early access and future updates.