Low Difficulty


What can do:

LowDifficulty.ai is an AI-driven startup that offers innovative search engine optimization features with their main product, which is designed to enable users to easily and quickly rank on the first page of Google. The AI takes charge of most of the manual workload, delivering the least challenging yet highest search volume keywords that users can target to simplify their SEO process. The platform's standout feature is that it can be used free of charge.

Key Features

  1. Artificial Intelligence Powered SEO tool: The application employs Machine Learning and AI to analyse and provide the least challenging yet highest search volume keywords to streamline SEO.
  2. Time-Saving: The tool saves significant time by doing the heavy lifting, reducing the effort required from manual search.
  3. High Efficacy: The AI-powered tool is efficient at getting users' content on the first page of Google, quickly.
  4. User-Friendly: The platform is incredibly user-friendly, simple to navigate, and its features can be easily used by anyone, regardless of their technological prowess.
  5. No Cost: This feature rich SEO tool can be used free of charge.

Use Cases

  1. Competitive Keyword Research: The service is highly useful for companies or individuals that need to find the best SEO keywords for increasing the visibility of their online content.
  2. Digital Marketing Campaigns: The AI tool can be used by digital marketing professionals for optimizing their campaigns and improving their reach.
  3. Website Designers: Website designers can utilize the service to enhance SEO during the development stage of websites, ensuring their sites are seen by a bigger audience.
  4. Content Creators and Bloggers: They can use the service to get higher visibility and more views on Google, boosting their viewership and subsequently, their revenues.
  5. Business Owners: Small business or startup owners who need to understand how to effectively enhance their online presence can benefit significantly from these services.

Prompt type:

Define SEO keywords, Enhance productivity, SEO Optimization


Low Difficulty AI is your secret weapon for dominating search engine rankings. Our AI tool effortlessly uncovers high-volume keywords with the lowest competition, propelling your website to the first page of Google in record time.