Leia Inc - Bring Your 3D Dreams to Life with AI Art


What can do:

The world is 3D and Leia offers an immersive digital experience with its 3D•AI technology. 

The world is 3D. We see in 3D, feel in 3D… even dream in 3D. ‍ Leia’s mission is to bring the digital world to life through immersive 3D•AI experiences. ‍ Our Nanotechnology and AI software makes 3D content available to everyone on any device.

Leia offers the largest 3D ecosystem to date, showcased by 3D Apps specially designed and built for Lume Pad 2.

Premium Android Tablet

Flagship specs, fingerprint sensor, USB-C fast charging, SD card storage extension, and enhancing accessories mean Lume Pad 2 will proudly become your daily device. Plus, thanks to the Lume Connector (pogo-pins) it will “wirelessly” charge on the Lume Stand.

Immersive 3D Viewing

Its combination of a 2.5K (12.4”) display and AI face tracking, makes the Lume Pad 2 the most enjoyable 3D tablet. The 3D viewing experience is complemented by a Dolby Atmos Quad-Speaker configuration creating the deepest immersion.

3D Creator Tool

Capture the world around you like never before. With its built-in stereoscopic cameras (pictures up to 5K resolution) Lume Pad 2 is the ideal companion for 3D content enthusiasts. Made of aluminum and designed with care, it will follow you anywhere.

Prompt type:

Generate image, Design creative

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Leia Inc. is the leading provider of Lightfield hardware and content services. Lightfield is a new visual medium that lets you experience imagery with complex light effects, such as textures and sparkles, as well as 3D depth and look-around. As a result, Leia’s technology transforms existing displays and converts content into an explosion of beauty and emotion. Our vision is to change the way we connect, create, educate and learn by transcending the device – making memories more present, connections more human and life richer.

Origin: Menlo Park, California.