LangChain - Build AI App with Large Language Models

What can do:

LangChain is an AI startup that offers services to power applications with Large Language Models (LLMs). Their flexible abstractions and extensive toolkit enable developers to harness the power of LLMs and build applications for various use cases at any scale.


  1. Analyzing structured data: LangChain's services allow analyzing structured data using AI algorithms.
  2. Answering questions using sources: With LangChain, developers can build applications that provide answers to questions using various sources of information.
  3. Q&A over docs: LangChain enables the development of applications that offer question-and-answer functionality over documents.
  4. Summarization: LangChain's services include the capability to summarize content from large sources of text.
  5. Intelligent agents: Developers can create intelligent agents or bots using LangChain's services.

Use Cases:

  1. Workflow automation: LangChain can be used to automate various workflows by analyzing structured data and providing intelligent recommendations.
  2. Personal assistants: With LangChain, developers can build personal assistant applications that can answer questions, provide summaries, and interact with APIs.
  3. Sentiment analysis: LangChain's services can be used to analyze sentiment in large amounts of text data, which is useful for market research and customer feedback analysis.
  4. Classification: LangChain's AI algorithms can be utilized to classify or categorize text data into different categories or topics.
  5. Interacting with APIs: LangChain enables developers to build applications that interact with other APIs or services, leveraging the power of LLMs for data processing and analysis.

Prompt type:

Analyse data, Create App


LangChain provides a flexible toolkit for developers to build applications powered by Large Language Models (LLMs). It offers various functionalities such as analyzing structured data, answering questions, summarization, workflow automation, and more.