Landbot - No-Code Chatbot Builder

What can do:


1) Website Chatbot: Generate leads and improve customer experience on the web.

2) WhatsApp Automation: Automate conversations on the world's most popular chat app.

3) API & SDK: Build, ship, and scale conversational experiences to the world.

4) Chatbot Platform: Design and deploy chatbots anywhere with a no-code builder.

5) Integrations: Empower conversations with easy-to-set-up integrations.

Use Cases:

1) Lead Generation: Capture more leads at a lower cost and improve marketing performance.

2) Customer Engagement: Engage proactively with customers to enhance loyalty and retention.

3) Customer Support: Service customers with delightful support experiences and boost satisfaction.

4) Product Promotion: Promote and recommend products in a stylish manner.

5) Surveys: Send conversational surveys and questionnaires.

Prompt type:

Create AI chatbot


AI assistance


Landbot is a powerful no-code chatbot builder that offers website chatbot, WhatsApp automation, API & SDK, chatbot platform, and integrations. It provides use cases such as lead generation, customer engagement, and customer support.