LANDR - Creative AI Tools for Musicians

What can do:

LANDR is an online music software designed for creators, offering a range of tools for music mastering, digital music distribution, curated plugins, free sample packs, collaboration tools, music promotion, and more.

Top 5 Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Music Tools: LANDR provides a full suite of tools for music creation, including mastering, distribution, curated plugins, and free sample packs.
  2. Collaboration Tools: The platform offers real-time collaboration tools, allowing creators to connect and work together on projects.
  3. AI-Powered Mastering: LANDR uses AI to master songs, providing a fast and reliable service without using presets.
  4. Music Distribution: The platform allows creators to release their music to over 150 streaming platforms without interrupting their workflow.
  5. Educational Resources: LANDR offers premium music courses and free music tutorials to help creators improve their skills.

Top 5 Use Cases:

  1. Music Creation: Use LANDR's comprehensive suite of tools to create, master, and distribute your music.
  2. Collaboration: Connect with other creators to collaborate on music projects.
  3. Music Mastering: Use LANDR's AI-powered mastering engine to enhance the sound quality of your music.
  4. Music Distribution: Distribute your music to over 150 streaming platforms directly from the platform.
  5. Learning and Development: Take advantage of LANDR's educational resources to improve your music creation skills.

Prompt type:

Text to audio, Generate music


LANDR is an online music software for creators, offering tools for music mastering, distribution, plugins, and collaboration. It uses AI for mastering and provides educational resources to enhance music creation skills.


Denis Williams@denis_williams
20 min ago
The token limit is for the whole chat, including history (as far as I know). You could combine all the summaries, save them in a DB, and feed the smaller summaries back in ChatGPT. Not sure if that will yield great results though. Maybe GPT-4 will improve?
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Denis Williams@denis_williams
50 min ago
How to use ChatGPT to build Business Ideas, Sites & Personal Projects?
Adam Blob@adam_blob
3 min ago
@Denis_Williams Congrats on the launch! Very interesting approach to an ever growing problem. Use ChatGPT Tutorial - A Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners.
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