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What can do:

JustPaid is an AI-powered startup that offers smart financial tools to help businesses stay in control of their finances. They provide a comprehensive platform that includes payments, AI-powered automations, benchmarking, contract tracking, opportunity alerts, and more. With their services, businesses can optimize their spend, track contracts and payments, save time with AI-powered tools, and gain valuable financial insights.


  1. Optimize Your Spend:
  2. JustPaid's software generates waterfall entries and supporting reports to automatically import journal entries into your accounting software, ensuring accurate recognition of revenue and expenses.
  3. They provide benchmarking data and insights on terms and cost per seat, allowing businesses to compare their spend with each supplier and make informed decisions.
  4. Track Contracts & Payments:
  5. JustPaid offers a streamlined workflow from sales contract to payment receipt, eliminating the need for manual conversion and ensuring efficient contract management.
  6. They also provide optional revenue collection processes to simplify cash flow management.
  7. Save Time with AI-Powered Tools:
  8. JustPaid's unique AI tool checks the consistency and accuracy of classification data, reducing manual effort and improving data quality.
  9. They offer AI contract reading, which automatically converts contracts into projected revenue and expenses based on their value, saving time and improving financial visibility.
  10. Get Financial Superpowers:
  11. JustPaid allows businesses to pay bills in one place, providing a complete overview of upcoming payments due and supporting ACH and check processing.
  12. Their platform includes burn rate tracking, offering insights into financial health and projected runway.
  13. Businesses can access a profit and loss view based on custom rules and classifications, enabling better financial analysis.
  14. JustPaid ensures accurate revenue and expense recognition, never missing important entries with automatic import of the waterfall schedule.
  15. Multi-Platform Integration:
  16. JustPaid can integrate with various platforms businesses already use, including communication tools like Slack, email, WhatsApp, and text messaging.
  17. They offer integration with popular accounting platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, and Netsuite, allowing seamless data synchronization.
  18. Businesses can connect their bank accounts to JustPaid for centralized bill payments and comprehensive financial record analysis.

Use Cases

  1. Optimizing Spend:
  2. Businesses can use JustPaid's services to identify areas of excessive spending and optimize their budget allocation.
  3. By analyzing benchmarking data, businesses can make informed decisions to negotiate better terms and reduce costs with suppliers.
  4. Contract and Payment Tracking:
  5. JustPaid's contract and payment tracking feature enables businesses to efficiently manage their contracts, ensuring timely payments and avoiding revenue loss due to missing contract expirations.
  6. The optional revenue collection process simplifies cash flow management and improves financial efficiency.
  7. Time-Saving with AI-Powered Tools:
  8. By leveraging JustPaid's AI tools, businesses can automate the classification of transactions, reducing the time spent on manual data entry and ensuring accurate financial reporting.
  9. The AI contract reading feature saves time and effort by automatically converting contracts into revenue and expenditure projections.
  10. Financial Superpowers:
  11. JustPaid provides businesses with comprehensive financial superpowers, including centralized bill payment, burn rate tracking, profit and loss analysis, and accurate revenue and expense recognition.
  12. These features empower businesses to have better cash flow visibility, make data-driven decisions, and ensure accurate financial reporting.
  13. Multi-Platform Integration:
  14. JustPaid's integration with popular communication, accounting, and banking platforms enables businesses to streamline their financial operations and access all financial data in one dashboard.
  15. With seamless integration, businesses can automate processes, improve collaboration, and have real-time access to financial information.

By utilizing JustPaid's services, businesses can grow confidently and efficiently manage their financial processes, resulting in improved financial control and informed decision-making.

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JustPaid offers smart financial tools for businesses to manage payments, automate processes, track contracts, and gain insights. It helps optimize spend, benchmark business performance, track contracts and payments, and provide AI-powered tools for financial management.