Hydra - AI Music Generator from Rightsify


What can do:

Hydra is an advanced AI music generation model developed by Rightsify. It is designed for generating unique, copyright-cleared instrumental music and sound effects for both commercial and artistic purposes. Hydra was built on a dataset of over 1 million songs and utilizes Nvidia H100 GPUs to provide powerful performance. It focuses on creating instrumental music and offers customizable features to generate audio from 3 seconds to 1 minute in length, and remix tracks with various adjustments. It encourages users to provide detailed prompts for better results and can be integrated with other music production software or tools.


  1. Extensive Training: Hydra has been trained on over 1 million songs with more than diverse instruments and is multi-lingual in 50+ languages.
  2. Powerful Technology: Utilizes Nvidia H100 GPUs for high-performance processing.
  3. Instrumentals Only: Hydra focuses on generating instrumental tracks with no vocals or deep fakes.
  4. Customization: Users can customize track length, remix tracks with pitch and tempo changes, reverb, audio trimming among other adjustments.
  5. Compatibility: It can be integrated with other music production software or tools.

Use Cases

  1. For content creators to generate background music for podcasts, social media content and live-streaming.
  2. To release music on Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs).
  3. To create soundtracks for TV, Film, and Gaming.
  4. Can be used for personal productivity and focus, like in educational and therapeutic applications.
  5. Can produce music for Hospitality and Entertainment Venues such as hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Prompt type:

Generate music, Text to Music


Rightsify introduces Hydra, an AI-based music generator for commercial and artistic use. Using Nvidia GPUs for performance, Hydra can generate instrumental music, samples and backing tracks. It's built on over 1 million songs and can generate audio from 3 seconds to 1 minute.