Hume AI

What can do:

Hume AI is an innovative tech startup that specializes in empathic AI technology. Their mission is to increase human well-being by incorporating emotional intelligence into the field of artificial intelligence. They do this by offering services that interpret and generate emotional expressions.

Services of Hume AI

Hume AI offers three main services:

  1. Empathic Voice Interface (EVI): This is a conversational voice API powered by empathic AI. It is capable of measuring subtle vocal modulations and language modeling, making it unique in its ability to endow applications with empathy and a voice.
  2. Expression Measurement API: This service interprets nuanced expressions in audio, video, and images, capturing the emotional subtleties such as sighs of relief or nostalgic glances.
  3. Custom Model API: This offers the capability to build customizable insights for any application enhancing its productivity and accuracy using transfer learning from state-of-the-art expression measurement models.

Features of Hume AI

  1. Emotionally Intelligent Voice API: This feature enables apps to have emotional intelligence, facilitating impressive voice-to-voice communication.
  2. Text-to-Speech Integration: The AI comes with text-to-speech capabilities incorporated, providing improved voice generation and linguistics.
  3. Expression Measurement API: This feature measures emotional expressions accurately in a range of media, including voice, video, and images.
  4. Public Access Notification: Users are notified of public access, keeping them updated about the latest with the AI.
  5. Load Code Custom Model Solution: This allows users to integrate advanced insights into applications for enhanced performance.

Use Cases of Hume AI Services

  1. Emotional Communication: EVI allows for applications to understand and respond empathically to emotionally charged interactions.
  2. Media Interpretation: Expression Measurement API can be used in applications that require understanding and interpreting nuanced expressions in voice, video, and image mediums.
  3. Personalized AI Applications: The Custom Model API can be used in applications that require personalization or customization based on user interactions.
  4. Well-being Enhancement: Researchers can use the resources provided by Hume AI to study and improve human well-being.
  5. Creative Evaluation: Hume AI's technology can be used in evaluations requiring creativity and emotional intelligence, such as understanding what facial expressions mean in different cultures.

Prompt type:

Text to Video, Text to audio, Text to speech

Media Type:


Hume AI offers a range of products, including the Empathic Voice Interface (EVI) - an emotionally intelligent voice-to-voice AI, Expression Measurement API - analyzing vocal & facial expressions, and the Custom Model API offering improved outcome predictions.

Origin: New York, US