Humata - ChatGPT for all your files

What can do:

Humata is a website that provides a range of services and businesses to help users with their files. The website offers features such as research assistance, faster learning, report creation, legal document analysis, understanding technical papers, instant Q&A, summarizing long papers, and writing papers faster.

Top 5 Benefits:

  1. Research 100X Faster: Humata helps users in conducting research at an accelerated pace.
  2. Learn 100X Faster: The website facilitates faster learning by providing information and insights quickly.
  3. Create Reports 100X Faster: Users can generate detailed insights for reports at a significantly faster rate.
  4. Analyze Legal Documents 100X Faster: Humata assists in analyzing legal documents swiftly.
  5. Understand Technical Papers 100X Faster: The website aids in understanding complex technical papers in a more accessible manner.

Top 5 Use:

  1. Users can summarize long papers by turning them into simple and understandable summaries.
  2. Humata allows users to ask questions and get instant answers about any file.
  3. The website helps users learn faster by providing information and insights quickly.
  4. Users can automatically write papers 10X faster by generating new writing based on their files.
  5. Humata enables users to analyze and gain insights from a variety of documents, including legal documents and technical papers.

Prompt type:

Answers to questions, Analyze large dataset, Generate visual representations of data, Write legal documents, Help With Bills


Humata is a website that uses ChatGPT to help with file-related tasks. It can help users research, learn, analyze, summarize, and ask questions about files. It is free to use with a 60-page limit and has strict security protocols.

Origin: Austin, Texas, United States