Hour One - AI Video Generator: Videos from Text, Slides or Prompts


What can do:

Hour One is an AI startup that provides a professional AI Video Generator platform for businesses. With their services, businesses can easily create high-quality videos in less than 10 minutes without the need for professional videographers or expensive equipment. Hour One offers a range of features that enhance video production and engagement, including a text-to-video feature, AI script assistants, beautifully designed templates, realistic virtual human presenters, a variety of languages and dialects, collaboration tools, and the ability to use your own voice. Their services are designed to improve communication, boost audience engagement, save costs and time, enable unlimited growth, and ensure consistent branding.


  1. Text-to-Video: Enter a single line of text to generate a video using their Video Wizard.
  2. AI Script Assistants: Optimize your script with Hour One's AI-powered Script Wizard.
  3. Beautifully Designed Templates: Create top-quality videos with no editing skills using their pre-designed templates.
  4. Realistic Virtual Human Presenters: Use realistic virtual human presenters or create your own custom character for your videos.
  5. Variety of Languages & Dialects: Choose from 60+ languages with 200+ accents to reach a global audience.

Use Cases

  1. Learning and Development: Create engaging training videos for employees in different languages, enhancing learning outcomes.
  2. Video Marketing: Easily produce customized marketing videos to attract and engage customers, increasing brand visibility.
  3. Human Resources: Use Hour One's platform to create informative and visually appealing videos for employee onboarding and announcements.
  4. News: Generate news videos quickly by converting written news articles into visual content, maximizing audience reach.
  5. E-Learning: Develop interactive e-learning videos with Hour One's virtual presenters and multilingual support, enhancing educational experiences.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Create Youtube video, Text to Video, Generate product images


Hour One is an AI video generator that allows businesses to create professional videos quickly and easily. It offers features such as text-to-video conversion, AI script assistants, beautifully designed templates, realistic virtual human presenters, collaboration tools

Origin: Tel Aviv