What can do:

Haiper is a London-based AI startup, building the most dynamic perceptual foundation models to help individuals in creatively expressing themselves. Their mission is to empower creative expressions and make it easier to produce enjoyable, fun and relatable content across various social media platforms. They prioritize interaction with their community and aim for responsible model development.


  1. Perceptual Foundation Models: Haiper builds advanced models to empower creative expressions.
  2. Video Creation Product: Using AI, it assists individuals in creating relatable content across social media platforms.
  3. Community Driven: Haiper encourages its creators to play and experiment, providing feedback for the improvement of the model.
  4. Creator Program: A soon-to-be-launched program for creators to engage and grow with Haiper.
  5. Animator and Video Maker: Haiper provides tools to animate images and create videos using AI.

Use Cases

  1. Creative content creation: Users can effortlessly create unique, engaging content for their social media platforms.
  2. Community involvement: The interactive nature of Haiper allows for constant improvement based on direct feedback from creators.
  3. Animation: With Haiper’s AI-driven technology, users can animate an image with ease and perfection.
  4. Video creation: Haiper provides a tool to convert any text into a well-formed video.
  5. Sketch to Video: Users can transform a simple sketch drawing into an engaging video.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Text to Video, Content Creation


Haiper is a community-driven, AI-based platform tasked with building powerful perceptual models for video content creation. The aim is to enhance creative expression by making it easy for individuals to produce fun, engaging content for social media platforms.

Origin: London, United Kingdom