Gling AI - services to YouTube creators

What can do:

Gling AI is an AI startup that provides services to YouTube creators. Their AI technology analyzes raw recorded video and audio files, identifies unwanted silences and disfluencies, and removes them to save time for creators. The edited videos can be further reviewed and edited using Gling's platform before being exported to popular video editors. Gling supports various languages and allows for easy integration into existing workflows. Additionally, Gling offers a creators program and an affiliate program for users to earn revenue through referrals.


  • Silences and bad takes removal: Gling's AI technology cuts out unnecessary parts, such as silences and disfluencies, from raw recorded video and audio files.
  • Transcription support: Gling supports AI transcription of video and audio files, allowing for easier editing and review.
  • Integration with popular video editors: Export videos directly to Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Adobe Premiere, or export as MP4 or MP3 files for use in other video editing software.
  • Multi-language support: Gling currently supports videos in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, and Hebrew.
  • Creators program and affiliate program: YouTube creators can use Gling for free through the creators program and earn revenue through the referral-based affiliate program.

Use Cases:

  • Time-saving video editing: Gling AI's services help YouTube creators save time by automatically removing silences and bad takes from their recorded videos, reducing the need for manual editing.
  • Streamlining workflow: Gling can easily integrate into the existing workflow of creators by exporting edited videos in XML format for direct import into popular video editing software.
  • Transcription and captioning: Gling's AI transcription support allows creators to easily add accurate captions to their videos, improving accessibility and viewer experience.
  • Multi-lingual content creation: With support for multiple languages, creators can use Gling to edit and optimize their videos in various languages, expanding their reach to global audiences.
  • Monetization through referrals: Creators can generate revenue by participating in Gling's affiliate program, earning 20% of the revenue generated by their referrals.

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Gling AI is a desktop app that uses AI and machine learning to remove silences and bad takes from YouTube videos, saving creators time and effort. It supports multiple languages and can integrate with popular video editors.