Geolocation Estimation by TIB - services for estimating the geolocation of photos

What can do:

Geolocation Estimation is an AI Startup that provides services for estimating the geolocation of photos. They have developed a deep learning approach and scene classification techniques to accurately determine the location of an image.


  1. Accuracy: Geolocation Estimation's deep learning approach provides high accuracy in estimating the geolocation of photos.
  2. Customizable: Users can either choose an image from a predefined benchmark test set or upload their own photo for geolocation estimation.
  3. Performance Comparison: The service compares the user's estimation performance with the deep learning approach and scene classification results, giving insights into the accuracy of their estimation.
  4. Heatmap Visualization: Geolocation Estimation overlays a heatmap on a world map, indicating the most likely locations of the photo. This visualization aids in understanding the estimated geolocation.
  5. Visualized Importance: The service visualizes the parts of the photo that contributed the most to the geolocation estimation decision, providing insights into important features.

Use Cases:

  1. Travel Photography: Geolocation Estimation can be used by travel photographers to accurately geolocate their photos, allowing them to keep track of the locations where their pictures were taken.
  2. Social Media Posts: Users can estimate the geolocation of photos they post on social media, enhancing their content and providing additional context about their activities.
  3. Tourism Applications: Geolocation Estimation can be integrated into tourism applications, helping users to identify the locations of points of interest based on photos.
  4. Crime Investigation: Law enforcement agencies can use Geolocation Estimation to estimate the geolocation of photos related to criminal activities, aiding in their investigations.
  5. Environmental Monitoring: Researchers and environmental organizations can utilize Geolocation Estimation to geolocate photos taken in specific ecosystems, assisting in monitoring and studying environmental changes.

Prompt type:

Analyse data


Users can select a photo or upload their own, and the results are calculated and presented on a world map with a heat map. The text also mentions the statistics and reference for the deep learning approach used.