GPTGO - ChatGPT Free combined Search Engine

What can do:

GPTGO is an AI startup that offers a combined search engine and chatbot service, powered by ChatGPT. With GPTGO, users can access search results from leading search engine Google, as well as chat with a chatbot powered by ChatGPT to get real-time answers to their queries. GPTGO provides fast and accurate results by integrating the search capabilities of Google and ChatGPT. The best part is that the ChatGPT account is completely free to use, without the need for signing up or creating an account.


  1. Combined Search Engine: GPTGO combines the search results of leading search engine Google with the chatbot functionality of ChatGPT, providing users with comprehensive and accurate information.
  2. Free ChatGPT Account: Users can access a premium ChatGPT account for free, without the need for signing up or creating an account.
  3. Cross-Device Compatibility: GPTGO can be used on any device, including iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Tablet, etc., as long as it has a web browser and an internet connection.
  4. Real-Time API Integration: GPTGO's chatbot integrates the real-time API of Google search and ChatGPT, ensuring accurate and up-to-date answers to user queries.
  5. Privacy and Security: GPTGO.AI ensures user privacy and security by anonymizing and protecting all user actions and not storing or tracking any user information.

Use Cases

  1. Quick Information Retrieval: Users can use GPTGO to quickly retrieve information on a wide range of topics by searching through both traditional search results and chatbot answers.
  2. Real-Time Q&A: GPTGO's chatbot feature allows users to ask real-time questions and get accurate and relevant answers without having to navigate through search results.
  3. Mobile and Desktop Search: GPTGO's cross-device compatibility makes it convenient for users to perform searches on any device, whether it's a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.
  4. Improved Search Experience: By combining the power of Google search and ChatGPT, GPTGO provides users with a more comprehensive and efficient search experience, delivering faster and more accurate results.
  5. Privacy-Conscious Search: GPTGO ensures user privacy by not storing or tracking any user information, making it a suitable choice for users who prioritize privacy and data security.

Prompt type:

Find Discounts, Search information


GPTGO is a free chatbot and search engine that combines search results with chatbot answers. It can be used on any device and browser, and user privacy is protected. GPTGO offers a mobile app called Go AI and allows users to suggest improvements to its search algorithm.