What can do:

Fotor is a powerful AI-enabled, online platform that focuses on satisfying all photo editing needs. It provides an assortment of services that simplify creating beautiful and stunning images. Fotor combines user-friendly interfaces and AI technologies to assist professionals and beginners alike in enhancing their photos.

Features of Fotor

  1. AI Photo Enhancer: This feature automatically adjusts the lighting and focus on a photo to fully optimize image quality.
  2. AI Background Remover: This function allows users to remove the image background in seconds and replace it with a new one.
  3. AI Object Remover: This feature can quickly remove any unwanted objects from the image without leaving any traces.
  4. Text to Image Functionality: By converting text ideas into stunning AI art, this feature assists users in creating realistic photos, logos, and digital illustrations.
  5. Photo Filters and Effects: This tool offers a diverse range of AI effects and filters that can transform images into captivating cartoons, anime characters, or stunning sketches.

Use Cases

  1. Photo Quality Improvement: The AI Photo Enhancer can improve photo quality in a single click by adjusting lighting, sharpening images, and enhancing details to transform blurry photos into clear ones.
  2. Background Alterations: The AI Background Remover can completely remove image backgrounds in seconds and replace them with a new one, enhancing the overall effect of the image.
  3. Object Removals: The AI Object Remover is a perfect tool for removing unwanted objects such as text, stamps or any other distractions from photos without leaving a trace.
  4. AI Art Generation: The text-to-image functionality can turn text descriptions into stunning AI-generated artwork, including realistic photos, logos, and illustrations within an instant.
  5. Image Transformations: The Photo Filters and Effects tool can transform images into captivating cartoons, anime characters, or stunning sketches with just a click, effectively altering their appearance and mood.

Prompt type:

Generate image, Upscale Image, AI Image Magic, Multimedia Content Creation and Enhancement


Fotor is a free online photo and image editing platform that offers a variety of editing tools including cropping, resizing, text editing, background and object removal, and image upscaling.