What can do:

FlowGPT is an AI startup that offers a visual interface for OpenAI's GPT-3.5-turbo, providing versatile applications for document management, conversation control, and innovative copywriting. The company features a 'Pay as you grow' pricing model, giving its users the flexibility to choose exactly what they need from the service.


  1. Visual Interface for ChatGPT: FlowGPT provides a user-friendly interface for interacting with OpenAI's advanced language model.
  2. Document Upload: Users can upload their documents (PDF, docx, txt) or web links to ask questions about the content.
  3. Manage Conversations: FlowGPT allows convenient conversation management, offering an efficient system for maintaining clarity and overview in discussions.
  4. Travel Itinerary Creation: With the power of ChatGPT, FlowGPT can aid in creating travel itineraries.
  5. Copywriting Aid: The service is equipped to generate creative lines for copywriting, catering to different styles and tones suitable for various commercial needs.

Use Cases

  1. Creating Travel Itineraries: Users can leverage FlowGPT's AI-powered programming to design detailed and personalized travel plans.
  2. Document Query: Users can upload documents and ask questions related to the content, making information extraction effortless.
  3. Conversational Management: FlowGPT can help manage complex or broad conversations, aiding users in maintaining a comprehensive understanding of the discussion.
  4. Copywriting: Given specific prompts and examples, FlowGPT can generate powerful one-line copies based on a certain tone, style, or theme.
  5. Content Creation: With its innovative use of AI, FlowGPT can assist in creating content for various platforms including marketing, non-fiction writing, and meal planning.

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Analyse data, Creative Writing, Content Creation, Writing Enhancement

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FlowGPT is a visual interface for ChatGPT designed to help create content fast. It can generate travel itineraries, manage conversations, and analyze documents. The features include copywriting tips, generating prompt outputs, and creating one-line copies for various types of content.