Final Round AI

What can do:

Final Round AI is a formidable AI startup, offering an innovative product known as the Interview Copilot. This employment-centric tool is designed to boost the chances of prospective job applicants landing their dream jobs. The platform offers guidance and support services from improving resumes, generating cover letters, providing interview flashcards, to conducting mock interviews. During actual job interviews, services such as real-time transcription, personalized support, and a much-awaited Coding Copilot are also available.

The platform also promises post-interview features set to launch in Q2 2024 - an automatic follow-up feature and salary negotiation assistance. The company claims to have helped 578,688 candidates land their dream jobs over the past 30 days. Notably, the service does not require any downloads and supports online meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WebEx.


  1. Resume Revision: AI-powered tools help to enhance and polish applicants' resumes.
  2. Cover Letter Generation: The service aids in creating impressive cover letters for job applications.
  3. Interview Q&A Flashcards: Interview preparation is made easy with flashcards featuring common interview questions.
  4. Mock Interview (Alpha): Mock interviews using AI help applicants get real-time practice and guidance.
  5. Interview Copilot: During actual job interviews, this feature provides real-time transcription and personalised support.

Use Cases

  1. Vijay - Fraud Risk Officer: Vijay, an Economics graduate, used the Interview Copilot feature to ace finance-related interviews, consequently securing a role at Citi Bank.
  2. Jason - Manager at Google: As a Senior Operations Analyst, Jason used Interview Copilot to gather the confidence and skills necessary to navigate Google's challenging interview process successfully.
  3. Lindy - Consultant at McKinsey & Company: Lindy was a teacher who leveraged Final Round AI to master case interview techniques, thereby facilitating her successful transition into the consulting sector.
  4. Alex - Business Intelligence Engineer at Salesforce: After facing multiple rejections due to a long period of unemployment, Alex turned to Final Round AI, which tremendously improved his interview skills and helped him secure a demanding role.
  5. Ethan - Logistics Manager at Amazon: Transitioning to a high-tech industry seemed daunting until Ethan discovered Final Round AI and the Interview Copilot. This transformed his career path, helping him land a prominent role in one of the world's leading e-commerce giants.

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Write resume, Interview Simulation

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Final Round AI is the first and only AI copilot for interviewees. It works like a magical teleprompter in real-time and helps you unlock interview God Mode from Day 1 to Final Rounds.