Figma Plugin AI Image Generator from Freepik

What can do:

The AI Image Generator, developed by the Freepik Company, is a powerful plugin that allows users to generate unique AI images directly within the design tool Figma. This plugin is suitable for both seasoned AI users and beginners alike, offering a user-friendly and enjoyable experience. With a variety of styles to choose from, users can easily design their own images by simply selecting a prompt. Here are five key features of the AI Image Generator:


  1. Easy Prompting: The plugin provides prompt modifiers for each chosen style, making it incredibly easy to create prompts for images without any hassle.
  2. Free to Use: Users can generate up to 64 AI images per day, with the plugin offering 16 different generations of 4 images each, all completely free of charge.
  3. Seamless Integration: The images generated by the AI Image Generator can be directly imported into Figma, allowing for effortless integration into design projects.
  4. AI Magic: The plugin is powered by advanced AI algorithms, enabling users to create stunning and unique images with just a few clicks.
  5. Community-driven Development: Freepik Company values user feedback and actively encourages users to share their ideas and suggestions for improving the plugin.

Use Cases:

  1. Graphic Design: The AI Image Generator can be used to create visually striking images for graphic design projects, helping designers save time and effort.
  2. Digital Marketing: Marketers can leverage the AI Image Generator to create eye-catching visuals for online advertisements and social media campaigns.
  3. Website Design: Web designers can utilize the plugin to quickly generate custom illustrations, icons, and graphics for their websites.
  4. Content Creation: Bloggers, content creators, and writers can enhance their articles and posts with engaging AI-generated images, capturing readers' attention.
  5. Presentation Design: The AI Image Generator is a valuable tool for creating visually appealing slides and presentations, enriching the overall presentation experience.

In conclusion, the AI Image Generator by Freepik Company is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that empowers designers and creators to generate unique AI images effortlessly. With its intuitive prompt system and seamless integration into Figma, users can unlock endless creative possibilities in various fields, from graphic design and marketing to website design and content creation.

Prompt type:

Generate image, Design website, Design logos


The AI image generator plugin allows users to generate unique AI images directly in Figma. It provides easy prompt modifiers and is free to use, allowing 64 free AI images per day