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Exactly.ai is an AI startup, powered by Durer.ai, that offers advanced image generation services. Their AI technology is capable of understanding an artist's style and creating new images based on simple descriptions. The platform allows users to easily train their own AI models with just a few images, providing them with the ability to generate images in their unique style. Exactly.ai is trusted by artists and illustrators working with leading brands. They prioritize ethical practices, ensuring that everything generated through their AI system belongs to the user, from the model itself to the images produced.


  1. Image Training: Users can train their own AI models by simply providing a few images.
  2. Image Quality Enhancement: Exactly.ai provides a feature to improve the quality of images generated, enhancing resolution and details.
  3. Sketch-to-Image Conversion: Users can create images based on sketches, utilizing the AI models trained on the works of famous artists.
  4. Ethical Ownership: Everything generated through Exactly.ai belongs to the user, ensuring ethical practices and ownership rights.
  5. Easy to Use: Exactly.ai prides itself on offering a user-friendly platform that allows artists to quickly and easily generate new images in their preferred style.

Use Cases

  1. Artists and Illustrators: Exactly.ai is trusted by artists and illustrators who need to quickly generate images for their projects. The AI technology understands the artist's style and creates new images based on simple descriptions, saving valuable time and effort.
  2. Brand Collaboration: Exactly.ai is used by artists and illustrators collaborating with leading brands. The AI system allows them to create images that align with the brand's aesthetic, ensuring consistency and quality.
  3. Creative Projects: Users can train their own AI models on Exactly.ai, enabling them to generate images in their unique style for various creative projects such as graphic design, advertising, and concept art.
  4. Image Enhancement: Exactly.ai offers image quality enhancement features, allowing users to improve the resolution and details of their images. This is particularly useful for photographers and designers looking to refine their visuals.
  5. Sketch-based Art: Artists can utilize the sketch-to-image feature offered by Exactly.ai. They can convert their sketches into fully realized images, leveraging AI models trained on works of famous artists for inspiration and guidance.

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Exactly.ai is an image generation platform powered by Durer.ai. It uses machine learning to create images in an artist's unique style. It offers features like improving image quality, enhancing resolution and details, and creating sketch-based images.