What can do:

Eververse is an AI-driven solution that supports product teams to conceptualize, prioritize, and plan their product roadmap more efficiently. The platform offers a suite of services such as AI-driven feedback summarization, sentiment analysis, predictive prioritization, and automated roadmap creation. Eververse allows teams to operate at speed and provides deep insights into customer input, saving teams from the laborious manual processing of feedback.

Features of Eververse

  1. AI Feedback Summarization: Extract summarized feedback, identify pain points, themes, and desired outcomes based on customer inputs.
  2. AI-Assisted Writing: AI-enabled composition tools to help rephrase, summarize sentences, and generate new ideas.
  3. Predictive AI Prioritization: Utilizes AI to automatically calculate the Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort scores to aid in prioritizing the backlog.
  4. Visual Roadmaps: Allows teams to create easily accessible and understandable roadmaps based on ideas and solutions.
  5. Integrations: Seamless connectivity to a variety of platforms including Zapier, Intercom, Slack, Email, Jira, Github, and Linear.

Use Cases of Eververse

  1. Feedback Processing: Capture and process customer feedback automatically. The AI can summarize and extract essential points from the customer's input.
  2. Product Roadmap Planning: Quickly create a product roadmap with AI assistance. AI predicts the Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort of different tasks to help prioritize the backlog.
  3. Customer Sentiment Analysis: Analyze customer sentiment automatically using AI. The platform can source feedback from popular support tools.
  4. Integration with Popular Tools: Connect Eververse with tools like Intercom, Slack, and Email for feedback collection. Also, sync features with Jira, GitHub, and Linear.
  5. Activity Tracking: Eververse keeps a log of all activity across the product team, providing a real-time record of what each team member is working on.

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Automate repetitive tasks, Manage project, Automate work processes, Enhance productivity, Task Management

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Eververse AI Tool: revolutionizes product development with AI. Automates feedback, sentiment analysis, backlog creation. Customizable features, predictive prioritization, visual roadmaps optimize tasks. Activity logs, presence tracking, changelog editor enhance collaboration.

Origin: Delray Beach, Florida, United States