What can do:

ElevenLabs is a startup company that provides an AI-powered Voice Generator and Text to Speech services. This technology allows users to convert text into high-quality audio, mimicking the natural human voice in any language. The AI model is built to articulate human intonations and inflections quite accurately, making it convenient for content creators, game developers, authors, businesses, and developers primarily.


1) Advanced AI Text to Speech - Allows the generation of human-like speech in any language and voice.

2) VoiceLab - Facilitates creation of synthetic voices within minutes using generative AI technology.

3) Dubbing Studio - Localizes videos with fine control over transcript, translation, and more.

4) Speech to Speech - Facilitates editing and fine-tuning of voiceovers and ensures quality consistency.

5) Projects - Facility for directing and editing audio, aiming to give complete control over the creative process for the production of audiobooks, long-form video, and web content.

Use Cases

1) Video Creation - Enables content creators to incorporate high-quality, natural sounding voice-overs in their videos.

2) Gaming - Provides an opportunity to immerse players in dynamic worlds with captivating NPC dialogues and real-time narration.

3) Audiobooks - Facilitates the conversion of long-form text content into engaging audio for authors and publishers.

4) AI Chatbots - Enables the creation of more engaging user experiences with AI chatbots that carry human-like voices.

5) AI Assistants - Allows users to generate AI assistants with identifiable personalities.

ElevenLabs provides a range of AI voice generation plans suitable for various needs, ensuring a personalized browsing and user experience. Their mission is to advance AI speech synthesis and push the boundaries of its possibilities.

Prompt type:

Text to speech, Content Creation


ElevenLabs offers an AI voice generator that converts text to speech online for free, producing natural AI voices instantly in numerous languages. The product specifically benefits video creators, developers, and businesses.

Origin: New York, USA