What can do:

Editby is a platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help businesses create in-depth, SEO-optimized content that is capable of ranking on Google and social media platforms, all the while maintaining the business's brand consistency and style. Their services range from generating rich content from multiple sources to monitoring and suggesting short-tail and long-tail keywords for your brand. Editby puts an emphasis on originality, avoiding plagiarism and generic content. In addition, their platform allows for integration with various content management systems and assures the utmost privacy and security of client data.

Key Features

  1. All-in-one Content SEO optimization: Enables the unification of all SEO work with content creation, hereby providing Google EEAT-optimized content as well as keyword suggestions for your company.
  2. Content from multiple sources: Allows for the integration of information from various sources like blog posts, videos, and papers, to create rich content.
  3. Custom templates: Grants the options to use ready-made templates from successful businesses or to create a personal brand-specific template to maintain a uniform style.
  4. Brand integration: Ensures the maintenance of your unique brand style and format throughout content creation.
  5. Data privacy and security: Ensures your data remains private and secure by never storing, sharing, or using it without your permission.

Use Cases

  1. Content SEO Optimization: Editby's all-in-one Content SEO optimization feature can aid businesses to rank better on Google by suggesting and integrating relevant short-tail and long-tail keywords into their content.
  2. Rich Content Creation: Businesses can utilize the multi-source content integration feature to generate rich, detailed content for blog posts or social media campaigns.
  3. Brand Consistency: Using the custom templates feature, businesses can keep a consistent style and format in all their content, thereby preserving their unique brand identity.
  4. Avoiding Plagiarism: Editby's platform helps avoid plagiarism by generating original, unique content for each business.
  5. Data Security: For businesses that value their privacy and data security, Editby ensures that their data is kept safe and private and isn't used without their consent.

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Editby is an AI tool that helps brands create SEO-optimized content while maintaining their unique style. The platform offers various features such as content from multiple sources, keyword monitoring, custom templates, and brand integration.

Origin: Italy