What can do:

Dubdub.ai is an AI startup that specializes in AI Dubbing and voiceovers. It provides a faster, affordable, and high-quality solution to traditional dubbing methods. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Dubdub.ai ensures high-quality dubbing, analyzing the original audio and dubbing it with sync and naturalness. The company provides services in over 40 global languages including US English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, and German, among others. They offer dubbing solutions suitable for E-learning, Documentaries, Product Demos, Podcasters, and many more. The platform also offers a user-friendly interface for seamless collaboration among team members.

Key Features

  1. AI Dubbing and voiceovers: Dubdub.ai offers AI-based dubbing and voiceover services that are faster, affordable, and of better quality than traditional methods.
  2. 40+ Global Languages: The service is available in over 40 global languages, catering to a wide audience.
  3. Context-aware translations: The translations provided by the software are context-aware, enhancing the quality of the dubbed content.
  4. Quick Turnaround: Dubdub.ai ensures prompt delivery of dubbed content, allowing for faster production and delivery.
  5. Easy Team Collaboration: The platform allows for seamless coordination among team members, streamlining the collaboration process.

Use Cases

  1. E-Learning: The AI dubbing tool can be used by course creators to dub content in different languages, making it accessible to a global audience.
  2. Documentaries: Filmmakers can use Dubdub.ai to dub their documentaries in various languages, expanding their reach.
  3. Product Demos: Businesses can use the platform to dub their product demo videos in different languages, appealing to customers worldwide.
  4. Podcasters: Podcasters can leverage AI dubbing to translate their audio content across multiple languages.
  5. Youtube Shorts: Youtubers can use the tool to dub their short videos in more languages, gaining a wider viewership.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Create Youtube video, Translate Video


Dubdub.ai is an AI dubbing service that improves content watching times by 10 times, increases revenues by 300%, and reduces video dubbing time by 80%. It offers a quick turnaround, easy team collaboration, and high-quality, customised human-like outputs in 40+ global languages.

Origin: Bangalore, Karnataka