What can do:

DoxAI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) start-up company specializing in providing a digital solutions marketplace for businesses. The start-up empowers businesses to replace repetitive and manual procedures with automated systems and integrations, focusing on bringing innovative technologies to streamline business processes. At the heart of DoxAI's offerings are state-of-the-art platforms and services, which include income and employment verification, data exchange, asset verification, identity verification, categorise AI, cross-check AI, eSignature, eWitnessing, redact AI, extract AI and eVault. These services make use of AI and machine learning technology to provide a broad range of capabilities to aid businesses in their digital transformation efforts.

Key Features

  1. Income and Employment Verification: Enables businesses to quickly verify the income and employment information of individuals or entities.
  2. Data Exchange: Offers a secure, scalable, and global data and document exchange platform that automates business processes.
  3. Asset Verification: Facilitates the validation of vendors, their ownership, and their assets.
  4. Identity Verification: Provides organizations with Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), Anti-Money Laundering/ Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML/CTF) services, and monitoring services to verify individuals or businesses.
  5. Cross-Check AI: Provides an AI-driven service for automating complex cross-checks and detailed reporting of data or documents.

Use Cases

  1. Businesses can use DoxAI's income and employment verification service to vet job applicants or assess a prospective tenant's financial capacity.
  2. With Data Exchange, businesses can automate their processes, allowing for efficient client service and a more seamless workflow.
  3. The Asset Verification service makes it easier for financiers and buyers to perform due diligence on vendors.
  4. Companies in financial service sectors can use Identity Verification for compliance with KYC, KYB, and AML/CTF.
  5. Cross-Check AI can be used by organizations requiring detailed cross-checking of documents, such as law firms or contracting parties dealing with extensive agreements.

DoxAI is built with best-in-class security protocols to ensure that data and processes are protected. It also provides scalability thanks to its modern architecture, and all services and platforms are customizable to suit the needs of the business. Furthermore, clients can connect to DoxAI’s services via APIs for optimal business efficiency or through simple iFrame integrations. DoxAI is globally ready, servicing customers worldwide in compliance with local legislations and needs.

Prompt type:

Manage project, Automate work processes, Enhance productivity


DoxAI is a digital solution marketplace that offers a range of services such as income and employment verification, data exchange, asset and identity verification, and AI-enabled categorisation, cross-checking, redacting, and extraction of data.

Origin: Sydney, New South Wales