Docus - AI - Powered Health Platform

What can do:

Docus is an AI-powered health platform that offers various services to users. Their main service is the AI Health Assistant, which allows users to generate their health reports, ask health-related questions, and receive responses from the virtual assistant. Additionally, Docus provides the option to validate the health report with a top doctor from the US and Europe, offering a medical second opinion. Docus is highlighted for its trusted, life-changing, and secure features. Users can access the platform without signing up or sharing personalized information. The AI Health Assistant is designed for informational purposes and users are advised to consult with a doctor before taking any actions.


  1. AI Health Assistant: Docus offers an AI-powered health assistant that provides answers to health-related questions and assists users with their health concerns.
  2. Health Report Generation: Users can generate their health reports using Docus's AI Health Assistant. This feature allows users to track and manage their health data.
  3. Medical Second Opinion: Docus connects users with top doctors from leading institutions in the US and Europe. Users can validate their health reports and treatment strategies with these doctors, either through written form or video call.
  4. Top Doctors from the World: Docus provides access to over 300 top doctors from various subspecialties, offering expertise from 15+ countries.
  5. Easy Sharing: Users can share Docus with their friends and family to help them make informed decisions about their health.

Use Cases:

  1. Obtaining a Second Opinion: Users can use Docus to get a second opinion from top doctors in the US and Europe, confirming their diagnosis and treatment strategies.
  2. Tracking and Managing Health: Docus's AI Health Assistant allows users to track and manage their health data, providing insights to fine-tune their training regimen and nutrition.
  3. Validating Diagnoses: Users can validate their initial diagnosis or treatment strategy with a top doctor to gain confidence and peace of mind.
  4. Informing Health Decisions: Docus helps users make informed decisions about their health by providing accurate and reliable information through their AI Health Assistant and top doctors.
  5. Convenient Access to Expertise: Docus provides convenient access to expertise from top doctors without the need for travel and expenses, saving time and effort.

Prompt type:

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Docus is an AI-powered health platform that allows users to connect with a virtual health assistant, generate health reports, and get a second opinion from top doctors in the US and Europe. The platform is free to try, requires no sign-up, and does not collect personalized information.

Origin: Wilmington, Delaware, USA