DoNotPay - Your AI Consumer Champion

What can do:

DoNotPay is an AI Startup that uses artificial intelligence to provide various services to consumers. It acts as a consumer champion by assisting users in fighting big corporations, beating bureaucracy, finding hidden money, and protecting their privacy. The platform offers a range of features to address consumer needs and challenges, including the ability to fight parking tickets, resolve customer service issues, obtain wage protection, manage subscriptions, and assist with government paperwork. By leveraging AI technology, DoNotPay aims to empower individuals in their consumer interactions and provide them with the tools to navigate complex systems and protect their rights.


  1. Fight Corporations
  2. Beat Bureaucracy
  3. Find Hidden Money
  4. Cancel Subscriptions
  5. Automatically Cancel Your Free Trials

Use Cases:

  1. Fighting parking tickets
  2. Resolving customer service issues
  3. Obtaining wage protection
  4. Managing subscriptions
  5. Help with government paperwork

Prompt type:

Analyse data, Answers to questions




DoNotPay is an AI consumer champion that helps fight big corporations, find hidden money, protect privacy, and beat bureaucracy. It offers services such as cancelling subscriptions, fighting parking tickets, and obtaining refunds. It is not a law firm, but provides legal information and self-help.