What can do:

Cutlabs is an AI start-up that provides an AI-powered clipper for streamers, enabling them to create highlight clips from their streams effortlessly and without any previous editing experience. They have developed an AI technology specifically to understand highlights in gaming content such as headshots, jukes, and much more. This AI assistant handles all the complex editing, special effects, featuring easy captioning, Facecam Formatting, Music & SFX, Automatic Titling, and saves hours of effort for streamers. Cutlabs' state-of-the-art AI solution is recommended by over 2000+ streamers who use its functionalities to streamline their content creation process and it offers a free service.

Key Features

  1. AI-powered Clipper: Enables the effortless creation of highlight clips out of long streaming sessions.
  2. Gaming Specific AI Tool: Developed to understand and grab the best moments in gaming content (like headshots, jukes).
  3. Automated Editing: Eliminates the need for video editing experience, as the AI handles all editing tasks.
  4. Additional Features: Provides additional features like easy captioning, Facecam Formatting, adding music and sound effects, automatic titling, and special effects.
  5. Free to Use: Cutlabs offers free access to get started on their platform.

Use Cases

  1. Effortless Content Creation: Streamers can leverage Cutlabs to easily create and edit high-quality highlight clips to grow their audience.
  2. Gaming Highlights: Utilizing the AI tool, streamers can emphasize their best moments in gaming like headshots and jukes.
  3. Automated Editing: Streamers without any editing experience can utilize Cutlabs' AI to automate their editing tasks.
  4. Value Added Special Effects: By providing functionalities like automatic titling, music, sound effects, and special effects, Cutlabs boosts the engagement and entertainment value of the clips.
  5. Accessible to All: With its free to start service, Cutlabs allows streamers, regardless of their budget, to access this cutting-edge AI technology to grow their presence online.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Content Creation, Multimedia Content Creation and Enhancement, Add Subtitles, Video Enhancement


Cutlabs provides an AI-powered clipper tool that helps streamers create highlight clips from long streams with just a click. The AI understands headshots, jukes, and more, to create engaging highlight clips. The platform adds captions, includes special effects, and automates music and titling.