CustomGPT - Creates Your Own ChatGPT with ALL Your Business Content.

What can do:

CustomGPT Creates Your Own ChatGPT With ALL Your Business Content

  • 10X Your Customer Engagement & Knowledge Management with CustomGPT
  • Grow Your Revenue with Increased Customer Engagement
  • Lower Your Costs with Improved Employee Efficiency

Custom-Built ChatGPT - With Your Content

A custom ChatGPT chatbot indexed with your business content can automate repetitive tasks and provide quick responses to customer inquiries, freeing up human staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

With ChatGPT + your business content, your business can provide more tailored and relevant customer interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Improved Customer Experience

With ChatGPT that answers based on your unique business content and data, businesses can provide more tailored and relevant customer interactions, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Competitive Advantage

By leveraging cutting-edge ChatGPT technology, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and have more efficient employees. 

What If ChatGPT Knew ALL Your Business Content?

Discover all the ways CustomGPT can help streamline your workflows and improve your company’s efficiency.

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Engagement
  • Topic Research

ChatGPT Made Simple: Power Up Your Business Data

Easy Setup

Quickly ingest your business content with our seamless website integration or Upload your files – Easy setup guaranteed!

Powered by ChatGPT

Get cutting-edge AI capabilities with our ChatGPT-powered custom bot based on your content and data. Blazing fast responses with citations and sources.

Deploy Your Custom Bot

Deploy your custom bot on your website – via embed widgets or Livechat. Or integrate it into your workflows via the API. 

Prices starts from $49 /Month

Prompt type:

Write letter, Analyse data, Write sales copy, Automate repetitive tasks, Responses to customer, Create AI chatbot


CustomGPT - the ultimate solution for building your own custom chatbot using your own data! With CustomGPT, you can easily ingest your website content and knowledge bases, or upload your own data to create a personalized conversational AI experience.

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