Creative Fabrica's CF Spark

What can do:

Creative Fabrica's CF Spark is a suite of AI tools designed to ignite creativity. It offers a range of tools for creating art, writing, flow, patterns, sketches, and more, all designed to help users reach their full potential.

Top 5 Benefits of Using CF Spark:

  1. Variety of Tools: CF Spark offers a wide range of AI tools for different creative needs.
  2. Ease of Use: The tools are designed to be user-friendly, allowing anyone to create stunning works of art.
  3. Speed: With CF Spark, you can create art, write texts, and more in just a few clicks.
  4. Customization: The tools allow for a high degree of customization, enabling you to create unique works.
  5. Free Trial: CF Spark offers a free trial, allowing you to test out the tools before committing.

Top 5 Use Cases of CF Spark:

  1. Art Creation: CF Spark Art allows you to create stunning artworks using text-to-image.
  2. Content Writing: CF Spark Writer makes writing captivating copy easy.
  3. Pattern Creation: CF Spark Patterns lets you create repeatable patterns instantly.
  4. Sketch Creation: CF Spark Sketch allows you to create detailed black and white sketches.
  5. Image Modification: CF Spark ImageMix lets you create unique versions of an existing image.

Prompt type:

Write letter, Generate image, Design creative, Create book outline, Generate high-quality assets, Write article, Write news, Write blog post, Generate content feed, Generate response for post, Optimise Ad

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CF Spark by Creative Fabrica is a suite of AI tools for creative tasks. It offers solutions for art creation, writing, pattern design, sketching, and image modification, all in one platform.

Origin: Amsterdam, North Holland

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20 min ago
The token limit is for the whole chat, including history (as far as I know). You could combine all the summaries, save them in a DB, and feed the smaller summaries back in ChatGPT. Not sure if that will yield great results though. Maybe GPT-4 will improve?
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Denis Williams@denis_williams
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How to use ChatGPT to build Business Ideas, Sites & Personal Projects?
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@Denis_Williams Congrats on the launch! Very interesting approach to an ever growing problem. Use ChatGPT Tutorial - A Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners.
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