Copyleaks - AI Content Detector

What can do:

Copyleaks is a platform that focuses on fostering authenticity and digital trust by creating secure environments for sharing ideas and learning. The website offers an AI Content Detector service that distinguishes between human-generated text and AI-generated text. This distinction is crucial as AI-generated text often leads to less accurate detection and increases the likelihood of false positives.

To ensure the accuracy of their detection, Copyleaks has implemented several measures. They have a feedback loop where users can rate the accuracy of their results, which helps refine the models used. They also only introduce new model detection after thorough internal testing and beta testing. The chance for content written by a human to be falsely labeled as AI-generated content is as low as 0.2%, making it the most accurate AI content detection platform.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Copyleaks:

  1. It promotes authenticity and digital trust by distinguishing between human-generated and AI-generated content.
  2. It has a low false positive rate of 0.2%, making it highly accurate in its detection.
  3. The platform uses a feedback loop from users to continually refine and improve its models.
  4. New models are thoroughly tested internally and by beta testers before being introduced, ensuring reliability.
  5. It offers various integrations, including API integration, LMS integration, and a Chrome extension, making it versatile and easy to use.

Top 5 Most Popular Use Cases of Copyleaks:

  1. API Integration: Users can integrate the AI content detection into their native platform.
  2. LMS Integration: Users can easily detect AI content within their own Learning Management System (LMS) platform without requiring any coding.
  3. Chrome Extension: Users can verify whether the content was written by a person or AI-generated using the AI Content Detector Chrome extension.
  4. Plagiarism Detection: The platform can be used to detect direct plagiarism, paraphrased content, similar text, and verify originality.
  5. Feedback Loop: Users can rate the accuracy of their results, providing valuable feedback for the continual improvement of the platform's models.

Prompt type:

Analyse data, Detect AI text


Copyleaks offers an AI Content Detector distinguishing human and AI-generated text, promoting digital trust. It provides high accuracy, user feedback integration, thorough model testing, and versatile platform integrations.

Origin: USA